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Retts, Michelle, Mission Jesus or JackiePlease let me know who you think provided the best answer to the question and why. The link to the question is below. When you click on the link to view the question below please also vote for the person you think gave the best answer.​7805
A genius in: Political Science, Politics, Economics, World Trade, World Economics, Business, Government, USA Constitution, News Media, Spin, etc.
What cultures or religions observe this custom? Do you think you would be breaking any laws in your town if your family decided to practice this custom? Would you be able to carry this out if it were asked of you by a loved one?
A ten year old girl, today, lost her battle with with brain cancer. She wanted to see her daddy... who is serving the last year of his 5 1/2 year sentence on a federal drugs-related conviction.The link to the story: do you feel it should be handled? Black and white? No gray areas? Time served is time served? Or do you feel that we should draw arbitrary lines when the last days of a loved one's life are being weighed into the decision?Do you think that the officials at Yankton prison could have, should have done more? Or that they showed generous consideration of the family?
Would you suggest that there account stay or be removed because the user no longer is living, would you make there profile a memorial site
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QnA member Sleekstep is contemplating suicide, I hope it's only a joke.
which one of you is taller? is the height difference significant or is it just a smidge?for those where the difference is six or more inches, does the height difference cause any kind of adjustments that would not be an issue if you were closer in height? i'd like comments on this issue from those with the more noticeable height differences, please......btw......sorry for using the word gender, which is not really what i wanted to use (as gender is more of a grammatical term than the specific descriptive word i wanted), but qna keeps flagging the word i wanted........and i don't think this is a particularly mature question..........