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Benny​ead-over-mccain-45-to-39/ Hard to call the ABC poll out today showing Obama leading by 9 an outlier now as even FOX News is showing a major shift to Obama. Two weeks ago, FOX News had McCain up by 3%, so this represents a 9% shift to Obama, similar to the 11% shift to Obama that the ABC poll showed. We'll see if the McCain campaign calls another press conference to try and discredit a FOX News poll. I suspect they won't. What do you think?Obama is trusted more to handle the economy by 10 percentage points, the related issue of taxes by 7 points, and he also leads on handling energy independence by 10 points. His largest advantage — 21 points — is on handling the issue of health care.By a 5-point margin more voters think the Democratic ticket has “better judgment combined” — a reversal from two weeks ago when the Republican ticket had a 4-point edge.
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He first stole Hillary's speeches and it didn't work. Suddenly, he convert to call for change. Surely, McCain has nothing good to tell Americans about the economy, health care and education ,other than telling his war stories over and over and over again and again. How can McCain call for change when he and Bush has been on the same page for eight years. It is hard to train an old dog a new trick.
Under the haze of the Sarah Palin entrance on the election scene, remains THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE of the election, the ECONOMY. McCain has already admitted that he doesn't understand the economy and now his mentor has decried his economic policy. Given these facts, why should voters still support him?​01
Back in 1989, McCain, along with four other Senators, was accused of improperly aiding Charles Keating, chairman of the failed Lincoln Savings and Loan Association, in efforts to hamper regulators from intruding on the industry's risky investment practices. McCain, who had received over $100,000 in campaign contributions from Keating, was ultimately rebuked by the US senate for "poor judgment". One of the Senate's members ripped John McCain on Tuesday for offering a phony populist self-portrayal in the wake of the current crisis in the financial markets. In the process, Sherrod Brown of Ohio raised the Republican nominee's involvement in the Keating Five scandal as evidence that voters couldn't trust McCain's record on both the economy and ethics.
If he plans to give all taxpayers a break - their won't be funds to support his War on Terrorism or whatever his New Surge will be called. He sure won't balance any budget - maybe this is why he won't answer the question - he can't. He claims to have an answer but refuses to make it public (Gloria Borger noticed this as well) - He doesn't want to spoil the suprise - just like his intentions with Pakistan - keep em in the dark!
John McCain argued for years to get the controlled results we now see in Iraq ( 14 times fewer deaths!) ..He has long fought for proper detainee treatment in Gitmo. This election day, he now fights to end the party wars in Congress, and to get proper treatment of the American taxpayers at the Budget table. Sen. Obama is an intelligent, highly successful student, ..but what is he fighting for this election day?
John McCain was almost alone in his dogged determination to see the chaotic slaughter in Iraq brought under control. He, General David Petraeus, and thousands of brave men and women volunteers, brought sense and reason to that warfare, and succeeded in drawing down that violence. John McCain wants to end the sufferings of Guantanamo, and find a release from the bonds which hold us all. He demands that we never even consider cruelties or tortures. John McCain will keep America strong, ..he is determined to ensure that no enemy even consider war with us. Barack Obama has already announced his aggressions toward Iran, Afghanistan, and any area within Pakistan where he believes he may find the now cave-dwelling Osama bin Laden. John McCain has been through that pain, ..and he has found his way back. He knows the path, he has been down it already, he knows that experience. Sen. Obama does not. As we elect our guide for the next four years, ..shouldn't we choose the leader who knows the way?
Looking at their years in action: One candidate (Sen. Obama) has always pursued a primary goal of gathering public and private monies to supply efforts to help low income groups of American citizens have a better life.One candidate (Sen. McCain) has always pursued a primary goal of increased budget management.Would you describe the "personal priorities" of each differently?Which of these two is the more important?Is there a separate issue that you think BOTH are missing?
them. Whether someone is likeable has little to do with their ability to maintain an economy that directly affects the world economy; or to make decisions that impact almost every nation. Is it important to you to know whether others 'like' your future president, or would you like to know how they think?
Did you know "Joe the plumber" doesn't even have a plumbers license? Nor does he even own his own business...