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Vibor Cipan
I need to get A+ certified to get promoted at my job (Best Buy, getting promoted to Geek Squad). I want to study for the tests, but I want something that will be online, and fun. Hopefully with audio and flash. Maybe videos of actual teachers. I hate reading for hours. I'd rather do hands on classes, but there are none in my area, so I have to either do online or go get a book from my library. I want something that will be engaging and that will help me fully understand what I will be tested over.Thanks in advance, Edgar Sanchez
If you have study material for MCSE with graphical presentation so plz give me some website that i can understand all concepts of MCSE.
I downloaded photos onto a CD-R and noticed the photos don't show up when I put the disc back in my computer to see what I had on the CD-R. I also, have a data traveler, lGB, and I downloaded more material. Why doesn't the information on the disc (CD-R) and the data traveler show photos immediately when I insert the disc in the side drawer and put the data traveler in the place for USB cord and the instrument itself? Also, is this a way to transfer material to another computer?
I have all of *my* music on the new computer, but I want to keep the random little videos and things that came preloaded on the Zune, too. How can I?
Could you tell us something? I know it says QnA BETA is closing down for good on May the 21st, BUT is there a chance that the site might be able to re-launch as a completed project, or was it in Beta too long and the higher-management decided to scrap the whole project? If so, way BUMMER deal. (Sniffle!)Also, do you know/can you tell us, what will become of all the thousands of pages of information and discussion laboriously typed in by members, moderators, and some by team members too? Is it all just going to be ZAPPED out of existence, or will something less drastic be done with it all? A lot of it's quite good.If this IS actually all or partially addressed in that link the Team posted along with the announcement, I'll have to get someone here where I live to tinker with this computer so it will go to the link properly.If this is paragraphed poorly, it's the software, not me. [Sigh. Another ominous sign that the site just had way too many flaws and is totally done for!!]$