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??? (boh)
I am a student in new york. For a marketing class we are assigned to develop a marketing plan for a product. I chose Electronic Health Records and am asking if there are any good sample marketing plans for EHRs which I can use as a reference. Thanks
I am doing a project for my marketing class in which I need to create a marketing plan for introducing the 2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid into the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). As many of you know, that area is very affluent and luxury cars are a popular seller as well as SUVs. You may think, "Why would an oil rich country want hybrid cars, or SUVs for that matter?" The reason is an increasing problem in controlling pollution in Dubai. The city actually plans on having all hybrid taxis by 2010 to help with this problem. Since SUV's are such a hot item in this country, and with such high revenues streaming into the UAE's pockets, I thought that subsidizing Hybrid SUV sales in that country would be a great step forward in minimizing their pollution problem.If any of you have an opinion, research, or facts regarding my ideas, please let me know! I will gladly share the final report with anyone who is interested. Thanks!
Keith Viera
I like to quantify human decisions, and identify patterns from large amounts of data. What kind of jobs would fit this description?
I purchased a Mouli slicer there approx. 15 yrs.ago.I would like to order another. Thank you. Respectfully, Gerry