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Specific examples please
Signed a contract with WMI in 2001. It continues to auto renew and the rates keep going up. I can't afford to keep paying and have been told by sales rep that I either have to pay the 6 month buyout or wait until the next cancellation date which is in two years. The contract self renews in three year increments. Also have a friend who bought a business and WMI is insisting that they are liable for the previous owner's contract . What a rip-off!!!!!!! Any help would be truly appreciated..........
What is the most popular project management methology?
Some general info and well-known products, Demos
Like the various products offered by IBM (Tivoli) or Sun , I would like to know about such products by Microsoft
I'm looking for a LMS that will allow users to purchase new courses and automatically appends the new classes to the users accounts and will also suspend the user once they have passed a preset time (1 month, etc).Free/OpenSource would be nice but not required.
I had an external usb drive that disappeared from F:. When I contacted it's product support he guided me to where Disk management should be. It wasn't there.
I am helping to run a domain, and I would like to write a batch program to do the following things:1. Change the groups a user is a member of2. Change the location of their home folderIs there a way to do that? Or maybe there is a different type of language I can use?