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How come politicians/law makers will not financially bail out working class Americans when they fall upon hard times but will gladly use American tax payer dollars to spend billions to bail out large corporations that have financial down turns through their own incompetence?
The Oracle
LEGALLY (my emphasis) released at least 271 MILLION pounds of pharmaceuticals into waterways that often provide drinking water- contamination the Federal government has consistently overlooked........." etc, Well somebody slap me in the head with a catfish, because I think this is borderline insanity, Russian Roulette, idiocy. TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY ONE MILLION POUNDS?.....What, I need never go to the drugstore again, just turn on the tap. The hey word here is LEGALLY. Have our lawmakers (assuming they had any to begin with) lost all common sense?
Chicago Lady
I listened to a discussion on the radio today about the economy. One of the panelists talked about the difference in auto production costs, which was refuted by another panelist. I am wondering if our costs are higher and if so, why. Would it be attributed to the unions? Benefits? I don't know enough about the varying labor or materials costs around the world to really understand the full picture.
financial institutions that have shipped many jobs overseas. We have 12 transplant foreign producers making cars across America! They make 54% of the cars Americans buy and they employ some 113,000 Americans, compared with 239,000 the Big Three employ. These transplant foreign producers will be hurt if The Big Three go down for the auto suppliers-vendors will take a hit at this time effecting the 12 foreign companies in America. The Big Three American Auto makers have an average hourly manufacturing cost of $73.21 with benefits while the 12 American Foreign Companies have a $44.20 per hour! Is this what the unions have cost Detroit and America? What should we do? Help or not Help?
On August 31 on front page of MSN you had top ten money makers during this war. What were they?Thank you,Cobra
Fairness Of The Rescue Package, Must Include Exactly That Fairness!!! For Whom Big Corporationons Had Build Their Empires Assets...Its Employees!