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three movies. I would like to make them into DVDs, before they begin to degrade with age. Since it would only have a one-time use, I would prefer to rent the 'transfer and burning' machine. What is the name of such a device? I would also like your opinion as to how long you think DVDs will be around, before they are replaced with a newer technology. Should I wait on my project?
Is it just their blood it would be for a pit bull? lol Is it learned behavior that keeps getting passed down through the families by the mother? I don't understand why someone doesn't break the chain instead of being abusive to their own children just because they were abused theirself.
Example: Hitler was an elected official. What should happen?
Drakened Light
For instance, a chocolate chip cookie tastes a ton better than melon.
I am tryint to determine if there is a singl;e hosting company that clearly stands above its competition, and that is supported by majority of the markwetmarket.