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I am trying to find a nice, quick b & w laser printer that is very cheap maintenance (meaning low-cost toners). If this means spending a small price now to get a very cheap, reliable printer in the future, then so be it... What would you guys recommend?Thanks!--Mike
Big Boss
I own an xp media center edition 20051024mb ramNvidia Geforce 7300GSAmd 64 AthlonCompaq Presario SR1950NXA good antivirus, Antispyware , Just an AIO all in one please thank you.
I have an old Nikon FA and it has not been used for about 10 - 15 years, but now I want to clean and use it again. What should I do, to clean it? It seems to be kind of dirty thing in the lens, it's not dust but it looks like water that has vapor out.Thanks
I had one oil change, would I need anything else done, the reason is my golf cart has about 15,000 miles on it
 how do I reset the maintenance light on my 1992 plymouth voyager minivan?
So apparently, the entire ABS braking system is out. For the dealer (wer'e trying to call other places, I don't like getting work done at dealers) it will be $2,100 to fix. The car is only worth a little over $1,000. If I get it done will it add value to the car? Will car insurance cover something like this? $2100 is a LOT of money and I don't even know if I should bother, I mean I could go and BUY another used car for $2100.