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Defend Ur Rights
What would it take to restore the Republic that the Founding Fathers envisioned?
Chicago Lady
Fresh herbs just make such a wonderful difference in cooking, I find. They are easy to grow in indoor containers in the winter, even if you are in a sub-zero climate.
I've used many media players, from Windows Media Player to Media Player Classic to Winamp to VLC and have found that VLC uses very low processor.In the others, when playing a video file, the CPU will stay consistant at about 10-20% but with VLC, it will be 0-2% with 6% spike every so often.why is that?ps. I have a pentiun 4 @3.0GHZ w/ht
Then shouldnt they work for the same price that the rest of the country works for so we could save money. And cut the pensions that come with it. Especially on any elected official that has ever filibusted!!