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I know this stuff is expensive but if he left it in his pocket he must've forgot about it. Would you return it or throw it out? He's 22 and on a work release from the county workhouse
A's Mamma
Could you give me a picture of that so I can buy one in the market. Thank you.
Chicago Lady
Can you provide instructions, or a recipe? Thanks in advance!!
Here it is again QnA you shoot it down once take another shot
Dan M
Discovered that McAffee had anti-virus running (this was an upgrade to Vista from XP). Disabled that, and now Vista screams.
our new businessinkjet 2800dt two sided feature doesn't work. reinstalled duplex. machine setup for duplex is "on" and has an asterisk off to the rightside. rest of machine is working fine. Shows in printer computer section thatit has installed 2 sided feature.
I am looking for a credit card terminal that is easy to integrate into a .NET POS system with the least amount of headaches. Terminal can be hardware or software based, but it must have the ability to be connected to a PC and controlled via a .NET software application.
lol if anybody answers caboose ask me to ask u lol.
Tags: machine
I run the Qwest DSL browser on my main machine and would like to have it on this second machine, but I can't find a disk with the browser and I don't remember the initial installation sequence. I have installed access to another email account and enjoy getting the Compuserve email in the MSN browser.