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It must be new, have bluetooth, navigation, leather, dvd, and it can't take premium, I know the expectations are high, but I need help, thanks
I remember, in 2002 or 2003, GMC made an SUV which had a rear door that could open 2 different ways, and a roof that could retract to make it like a pickup. What was the model name of that car?
My Father in law is looking for a car. Help me out.we are looking for a car with a excellent Safety Record. (Type the following link in if you need to find out: We want a 4 Wheel Drive. We were looking at a Honda CR-V (And just recently a Toyota RAV4) and we like them. We want a car about that size, possibly even smaller? Also, it needs to be high up (Or at least to the height this one is) Needs to be new with fair gas milage and gas tank size. Nice if you had Seat Heaters in the front. Please keep the style looking like those.He's an 80 year old driver who is alert, on highways avarages 70 MPH (which is about the speed limit) He doesn't want any bright colors. He prefers silver or black.On to questions, which are good cars for him? Are my cars good for him?Thanks.
I was thinking of something like a Chevy Camaro. Are they reliable?
I have a 98 explorer automatic. Is it going to hurt my transmission or any other parts by switching into neutral while I am coasting? I feel like going from drive to neutral would hurt it. And is that dangerous to me by doing that? Also, is it ok to switch into neutral going down a hill, then into drive when going back up a hill or will that grind gears or something? Thanks
JUST got my license two weeks ago and the first mix i made is getting old, but i want songs that are kinda the same style as "Caribou Lou" by Tech N9ne, "Pop Bottles" by Birdman, "This Is Why I'm Hot" by Mims, and "Swing" by Savage & Akon.Thanks!! :]