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I'm looking for a kit or not even if its illegal. 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 a truck like that dodge ram 1500 not sure year exactly.
Give me an idea which has the best price and gas mileage. I would also like a few features like Aux connection on the radio for an iPod.
Sexy Guy
I'm looking 4 a chrome grill for a 1975 Fleetwood Cadillac Sometimes called a Rolls Royce kit or Chrome nose.
I'm wondering what the price would be, approximately, to 1) replace the alternator and 2) replace the fuel lines and fuel tank on a 1970 Dodge Challenger.
I was fixed on getting a 2001-2005 Chevy Cavalier until I got the $6000/year quote for insurance. Then my science teacher recommended that I get a (80's model) Mercedes-Benz 300 Sedan. He said to get it converted so it can run on 100% vegetable oil. The thing is that I live in Ohio where it gets cold. I'm not even sure if these cars can go in the snow. The most I would drive would be going home on certain weekends (its a 100 mile trip one way). The rest of the time its only a 2 mile drive to the Easton Town Center. I want a car that gets good mileage, handles well in all kinds of weather, and is going to last.
Gypsy Miles From
I know what I like to drive, but for people who don't, what's the best way to start? I know about kbb and edmunds, but does anyone else have any tried and true methods?
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