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The locking clip had one side of the locking part break off, and the parking brake handle will not stay firmly on the handle. I am hoping to find this piece without having to buy and install a whole new parking brake cable.
I'm not sure if the Bugatti Weylon ($1.5M) has 500 HP or not.
Want to alter an Austin Healey so it can be driven by someone 6'4"
Everytime I put gas my Service Engine Soon light turns on but turns off after some time.
I am buying a new car and moving out. This would be a good time to change insurance companies. I am insured with Nationwide from my parents policy. I like the agent, but want to make sure I am getting a good deal. Any suggestions?
you know the "intel inside" little blue swirl, well i saw a bumper sticker on a car with that symbol, but it substituted a word for intel that i can't say here on qna (but it sounds like witch).......i'd really love to have that sticker, so if you know where i could get one, please let me knowthanks in advance for any help you can give me......