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This program consist of the software and mic that you dowload and hook up to your computer to write sheet music as you play your instrument or more than one instrument.
Compaq, 4 years old.Amd athalon xp, 1.53 GHzDVD/CD-ROM drive. CD-R/RW burn driveuser installed ATI Radeon 9550 156mb AGP60gb hard drive. 512mb RAMWindows XP Home edition
I want the best quality possible. My computer is so loud that I can't enjoy anything. I'd like to have a mic boom but not required.Are in-ear better that over-ear?
I've had several plasic mice over the years, but since i'm a dedicated gamer, they've all taken quite a beating by the end of their lives. I've had my current mouse only a year or so, and it's covered in scratches and dents, and perhaps a few cracks. What I want is a mouse whoose body is made out of STEEL or some STEEL ALLOY, so that i could take out my frustration on the mouse in any way I please wthout having to worry about breaking it. Note that the entire outer body of the mouse (with the exception of the mousewheel perhaps) has to be made out of some kind of metal. If possible, there should be two buttons for the thumb, and the mouse should be WIRED, NOT WIRELESS. Laser mouse preferred, ball mice accepted.
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videocamera (i have the usb for that) does anyone know a program that can do this???
I have Comcast, and their DNS sucks! Had to rebuild computer and need to re-do DNS to reliable vendors like Level 3 and Speakeasy.Thanks!
Need a new product key for wondows xp home premium so if you have one please let me know..
I have a Hewlett Packard Printer HP PSC 1315 All In One. I recently had to have everything removed from my computer and would like to add the printer but no longer have the printer cd to add the printer.