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I've tried and downloaded a couple so far, but they didn't really compress the files... Any help? Oh, and it would be nice if it was free. ;)
i hear that in germany they make the machine which can clean and refresh the cell phone. I am looking to buy this machine
Need this to run on its own, at specified times on a running computer.A program that ran a complete recorded macro would be great. IDEAS????
i dont want somethin like microsoft virtual pc that is a huge program. im looking for something that runs in the background of the system and you can run windows apps in the foreground. i have no idea what that would be called (like virtual pc is emulation) or where to get it or if it even exists. help?
I often need more than one cd while I'm working on a project and trying to change cd's on my laptop is no fun, plus hassle of jewel boxes, etc. My sound system has a 5 disk changer, I know there are similar items which hold up to 100 disks for music. What about for dvd-cd's?
Ok, I got a few weeks before I need a professional person that can actually use the paint program professionally in Windows XP, I got a new program shipping out in a couple of weeks and I want to innovate a new Windows skin without the default Windows XP one, please send in your samples at [email protected] and give me the best you can, please I'm desperate. It can even be made in Photoshop, just please.