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These are both brothers who live in the same town
I see so many different brands and model numbers out there, I'm looking for reviews/spec cross reference for the different chairs out there.
I want the highest possible sound quality for the price. Subwoofer is optional.
I found and its great. You get paid for doing what they call offers. Many of them take less than 5 minutes to complete and can payout upto $45 per offer. Simply click on the link and read about it, you have nothing to lose!
Can someone point me to a good Bluetooth stack that does not require SCMS-T enabled devices?I have an Iogear headset/stereo headphones that does not support scms-t, and my Toshiba bluetooth stack requires my device support that, so I cannot connect my stero headphones, only the mono headset (which sounds horrible and doesn't take advantage of A2DP).