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if you know what episodes he didn't look the same in please tell me
I lost my Dad, and we both used to close, I know how much I cried but got of it though I can sleep in the dark alone. Now when ever I look at my mum reality sets in and my heart so heavy I know she would be gone some day and it hurts me most because I love her so much and don’t know how life would be without her. These thoughts make me cherish every moment I spend with my love ones cos you never know when it your time
My husband wears his like a badge of importance, but I'm supposed to diminish mine. In Polynesian cultures, and also in some African, the fatter you are, the better-looking they consider you. I wouldn't fit in--I'm too pale. (That's not racist, but fact)
using FRESH tomatoes----no canned at all, please---so far, all the recipes on the websites I use all contain some sort of canned tomato product as well as the fresh---DON'T WANT THAT.....foodies, please help. Thanks.
i sometimes look at the related questions list next to the Q. and i find that sometimes it has absolutely nothing to do with the Q being asked.
....that out of 180 people i had only on-going contact [and sometimes that was a stretch] and "friendships with about 30 QNAers....some I hadn't heard from not seen in years---saddened me but deleted all but those i absolutley knew. How about you: with the closing of QNA--are you doing "house-keeping?" Gosh it broke my heart to delete some..........Your experience with the end of QNA--pls share? Thanks.K
I was trying to help someone who was given wrong information in a response to there Q. So, to verify what I knew I went to Wiki and typed in hamburger. The article came up and I proceeded to read the beginning. The first line in the first paragraph was quite interesting. As well as the caption below the picture on the right.I won't eat hamburgers again if there is even a shred of truth to their information.