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Tags: longest
I've been sleep deprived and working more hrs than you could imagine, so my answer is 14 hrs last night. I just might beat that though after the next 3 days & nights of work. :)
upload a video from whatever movie maker you have to that site????i just wondered because at 8:45am this morning i started to upload this video and it still hasn't uploaded yet and its now 13:43pm so what's the longest its taken you to do this???? surely it cant be that hard? peace be with you always have fun 
I think it might have been set by this guy at 27.9, but I'm not too sure :)Hmm.Link:​man-sets-record-for-paper-plane-flight.html
I phoned my mom today, and got to thinking that that phone number has been unchanged since the day that her and my dad had their first phone installed. Perhaps, 45 years. It seems that phone numbers change all of the time now.So, excluding area codes... anyone know of any longer than my mom's?