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What do you do?
Or answer my front door with it?Assuming it's properly permitted, and my town doesn't have a gun-ban law on the books, could I do that?
This Office download was via USAF rights for use on my home pc, not a network pc. How can I rid the LDAP pop up every time I open Outlook?
I have a picture in my display pictures but need to save it to disk or print it or anything. This picture is has been erased from all computers I have used but now I need it. When I go to change my display picture there is no way for me to copy and paste or save it. Can anyone help me???
It has an icon on my task bar & flashes on my screen "you have over 2000 errors in your computer " It says it will fix them if i subscribe to their service! I don't know how to remove it.
I am trying to set up Windows Server Update Services, and I have changed the Group Policy to point towards my server, but I still cannot see the computers in the console. When I log in, I don't see anything suggesting that a group policy is being loaded.
I got a new computer and it's a Mac. I don't think it has Appleworks on it, but isn't it supposed to? And does Appleworks have a spreadsheet in it?
Hi,Theirs probabily a really simple solution to this. I have a picturebox that loads different images depending on what is happening in the program. I want to check which image file is currently being displayed in the picturebox. Something like this...if picturebox1 = "C:\program\image.gif" thenendifObviously that doesn't work but thats basically what im trying to do.Thanks in advance =)