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Defend Ur Rights
What would it take to restore the Republic that the Founding Fathers envisioned?
We just cannot be the ONLY living creatures in the universe!!! why do people think this? does it seem "holier than thou" to you? or do you believe we ARE the only living creatures in the entire, entire universe? it just seem impossible to me that we are.... there has to be another atmosphere that became just as "perfect" (if you will) to create living life/creatures on it.
Marcellus Wallace
What if by killing them you save hundreds? If they are going to kill you? If they have turned their back on life and only strive to destroy and torture? If they are about to do something unspeakable? If it is to save them from a greater pain or death? If they ask you to? So it isn't suicide?Tell me your answers.
write the first thing that comes to mind. you may then say whether it is really the choice you would want.