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Godless Thoughts
My new dog is a 5 month German ShepardMy older dog is a Lhasa ApsoAnd my cat is scared to death of my new dog.
Augie's playing games.-she need an attitude adjustment.
Tags: little
A real hero..."Tiny terrier saves five kids from two pit bulls"
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Please don't think I'm one of those crazy women who spoil my 'little baby" I don't take her everywhere wirh me she stays home most of the time. The craziest thing I do is talk to her like a person.And believe it or not she mumbles back to me.Also I let her sleep in my bed. My question is about a year ago I went to the Dr. and found out there are a couple of things wrong with me and they are not going to get better.In about the last 5 months she won't let me out of he sight, even if I go to the bathroom or take a shower she has to be right at the door. The guy that lives with me if he tries to get anywhere near me she goes crazy. I believe she sinces something. I feel so bad because I want to reasure her everything is going to be o.k. Please don't laugh at this It's improtant to me.
supposedly clean their teeth. They're made by "IAMS" she's chews on it for hours and seems to love them but just wondering are they alright for her digestive system because she eats them. Also I have to watch her diet because she is over weight and has seizures.
I got her from one of those rescure agencies and don't think they knew much about her past! In the beginning she only had them maybe two or three a year. AS she's aged she has them more often. Also they seem to last longer. I've taken her to a vet but they tell me to give her medication they need to do test, blood work, EEG etc! All this is very expensive and there is no way on earth I can afford the kind of money they're talking about. She's a little Chihuahua and I'm so afraid that she's going to die from one of her seizures. I watch what she eats and feed her only the best (science diet). Anyone ever experience this with their dog. Am I doing something wrong? Or know where or what I should do? Thanks