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icy comets that struck the young earth or from material released from the earth's interior during volcanic activity?
In a mind over matter kind of way, they worry endlessly about calories, they're able to tell you how many calories any piece of food has in it, are they actually setting themselves up to be fat, since it's at the forefront of their mind whenever there is a presence of food?
A-the debtor lawyerB-the bankruptcy trusteeC-the unsecured creditors
Amazing Guy
last question before I return my focus to business matters for a while. (Yup, I am procrastinating) Do you have any experience with procrastinating and if so, when do you seem to experience it most in your life?
A-He's confident in his messageB-He's nervousC-He's hostile and overbearing
Amazing Guy
I am looking for blog topics that will encourage others to post their thoughts and opinions. At the same time I am always interesting in learning more about people and human nature. What would your ideas be and what makes you choose the suggestion you give? Best answer gets my vote and with your permission posted on my blog.
It's been my experience at work that government employees are very intimidated by technology and by those that understand it. Is this so elsewhere?
Right now, my profile is set to public. Not many people are sending me friend requests. I'm wondering, if I set my profile to private, will more people add me?
If i did buy one will they take out everything Im buying?
In my experience, I have not been able to get any interviewers to meet me for interview after office hours. This is more the case if there will be a panel instead of one person interviewing me. I guess, even the interviewers want to go home once the office hours are over.

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