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I think it is time to require all program's sold, use tested and licensed programmers.(Note: Programmers of Freeware/Shareware no licensed needed)
We are extending our company to nashville. We are already registered in Florida as a (501)c3 but we are opening another office in Nashville. All the bills will be payed by the Florida office. What do I need to do and who do I contact?
Can I become a school or camp nurse? Can I teach any types of nursing or health related programs? Can I open a health related business? Can I use the title to enter other programs such as a P.A program? How will this upgrade my career opportunities? What advantages will I have with the title LPN? Please don't mistake it for RN. Thanks
A friend wants us to insure a boat that he owns as he has no license or insurance due to a dui. If he is out driving the boat and gets in an accident, What can happen to us (our home, etc...)