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My boyfriend's Mother is deep in debt. Is he liable for her debts upon her death. If we get married, will I be liable also?
i went to comp. school 16 years ago and although the loan was 5,000.00, and i have repaid over 12,000.00,because of late fees, now it is back up to 18, i still liable for this loan even though a judge signed off on it?
My boyfriend(21) was uninsured with a suspended license, asked me to drive cuz he was too drunk. I'm 17, don't have a license either, and I crashed his dad's truck pretty bad. Who has to pay the damages...?
Smooth Ryder
And how do they tow a car that is in park? I have a FWD and they towed it with the rear wheels lifted....
....Says its "ok, Dont worry about, theres no damage" and may later find out there was damage?Other info: Driver never took down any information about the person who committed this accident.
I was in a store and picked up a stone vase. Apparently the next was weak or cracked. When I picked it up, the neck broke and the vase fell and broke into pieces. The salesperson was okay with it, but then the owner came over and demanded payment. I put it on my credit card so I can dispute? Can I? I thought accidents like these were the "cost of doing business". (This was a $100 vase!)
I recently left my employer after 8 years and 4 months of loyal service due to current management and would like to speak with a news reporter. FIRST though I'd like to be sure that I won't be sued.Thanks for your help!!