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My Triglyceride levels are high (371) and my doctor has me on a very restrictive diet to decrease them. I go back to the doctor in February and am curious how much of a decrease I can expect from eating a low carbohydrate diet and daily exercise (30 minutes or more per day).I just don't know how easy it is to decrease this value and am wanting some kind of realistic idea of what number I might be able to expect in February if I stick with my new diet and lifechange.
I have a triglyceride count of 371 and my doctor has me on a low carb, low fat diet with 30 minutes or more of exercise per day. I am planning to stick with this diet but am wondering how much of a decrease in my triglyceride count I should expect when I return to the doctor this February. I just don't know how easy it is to lower triglycerides so if anyone can give me an idea of what results I should expect this would be helpful.
children than male children. Something about survival of the if there were too many aggressive males, humanity wouldn't have evolved as it has. Have you ever heard that? Is it true?
I was told that other countries have regulations on this and that they are on the labels of clothing in other countries. Is this true? are we being sold clothing with unsafe, cancer causing levels of it?is so why and how is this allowed to happen here?why is it in there in the first place?why isn't this label/warning on our clothing?
As global warming increases the melting of the polar ice caps, the sea mass of the world will also increases. The world is planning on average X-Bar sea levels increasing fo 22 feet (+- 5' about). At the Earth equator. As the Sea rise begins, the slowing the earths normal 86400 sec/rotation will begin.1) With a X-Bar, 22 foot Sea Level, What will be the Earth's new sec/rotational speed?2) What effects will this new Earth rotational Speed have on Land/Sea/Air environments?
What would each of these turn out as (colour) ..e.g. the indicator with a solution of pH levelthymol blue + pH 4 =thymol blue + pH 6 =thymol blue + pH 10 = methyl red + pH 4 =methyl red + pH 6 =methyl red + pH 10 = bromothymol blue + pH 4 =bromothymol blue + pH 6 =bromothymol blue + pH 10 =If anyone has references also this would help! Thanks in advance
Are there any scientists out there tonight? I am interested to know if a product that removes dog urine stains would work just as well on cat urine stains or if I am better off spending the extra money for the cat specific product. Do cats have higher ammonia levels in their urine? Is that why there are specialized products out there?