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For those of you with background on Economics and or Business Discipline, how can you effectively apply "Factored Funds to execute L/CS" and or Shipments?
i.e., I want to look up birds and all bi....sites fall into the drop down if I have ever visited there before. This is especially aggravating on a shared computer.
When using IE 6 or 7, after about 10mins time all charecters and letters on all web sites disappear, can see some frames and pictures but rest is just white. Ex: Google page is just white, no logo, nothing. Sites that have search windows might show the GO button but the sherch window is 1/8 the normal height. Started 6 weeks ago. Updated video drivers. No diff, must reboot to fix. I can go into Tools>Internet Options>Accessability settings and set "Ignore font styles specified on web site" and can see letters but they are small and broken. If I use Firefox the letters are also small and broken as the default.
i am playing chicktionary and it has five letters and i click on hint and it live searches remote control button
I have a laptop, my daughter just slapped the keyboard. now 'laptop' comes out as 3a*t6* untess i hold down the small key, bottom left corner, looks like 'fn' with a box around it. how do i turn off his function?