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Tags: letter
I do not want to use an overpowering Word Processor, Note Pad or Word Pad. Just some simple software please.
my mouse arrow goes under it as well tried display tools wont move ,
would like information about writing a letter on my computer
Gillan have stopped short of cutting your internet connection so would a gentle reminder that downloading illegally put you off?
Ok I'am mad because that thing to make sure I'am a spammer. I can't see it in ie. Only on my computer. And its annoying me. And I can't do anything. Its only on myspace. And this happens on mozilla firefox. And no I'am not using safe mode. I tried that its worse. P.s I.E Is Internet Explorer
It seems that this paper is holding up my progress with the program.Where it might of been, was a blank sheet of paper.
My flash drive used to be drive F & B but when i reinstalled it became drive D & E. How can i get it to go back to F?