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The FED is printing money as fast as they can and bailing out banks with pour business practices. Since, the paper they print is not backed by anything of intrinsic value, do you feel that this will further devalue the US dollar?
Thanks to some trolls at the QnA Cafe (see GodFears post on cheaters), I am leaving. Dr. Kitty and I are on the phone and did some communicating on the thread I mentioned in the parentheses () and he has decided that he is leaving as well. Thanks to the Funny Farm for a great time, but I will not be asking, answering, or commenting here ever again, and the day my question on calling the police on someone who threatens me will be the last day I'll sign on.
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Thanks to someone at the QnA Cafe (see GodFear's post at the Cafe on cheaters), Piki and I are leaving. That's right, we're gone! Out of here! Poof! We can communicate without the use of this site since we live down the street from each other.Actually, it wasn't just one person at the Cafe, but a series of drama that's been going on here, one string of which was extended out to the Cafe. Piki and I tried to defend someone, and we each got a question removed for inapropriate content-they weren't inapropriate at all, nor did they break any of the CoC-they were only to defend someone! This is discriminatory and biased toward Piki, myself, and the person we were trying to defend, and in part executed by the QnA Team. He and I will not sit here and stand for that, so we're leaving.PS-Here's a link to Piki's question stating that he's leaving in case you didn't see it.
Tags: leaving
roxio media 9 displays insert disk repeatedly while installation disk is inserted. re inserting disk fails to resolve. computer freezes and non responsive. computer is manually powered down and now fails to boot.
And how they keep asking me questions? Will he think I am like 'Horton hears a Who'? Everyone say, We are here, We are here, WE ARE HERE!