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the names of our months and days of the week? I've looked at a few sites so far and have not found the history for that. It's also easy to get lost with all the search results.
I need something that is easy to understand (Excel 101) and has very easy to follow instructions.
Tags: learning
I'm looking for a LMS that will allow users to purchase new courses and automatically appends the new classes to the users accounts and will also suspend the user once they have passed a preset time (1 month, etc).Free/OpenSource would be nice but not required.
I cannot figure out the simplest things and have to keep calling for help... and I am not a computer illiterate person. Trying to decide if I should keep it or dump it.
I would like to begin learning to write Java movie Scripts but am a little confused on where to start. Can anyone provide specific instructions?
I've been using accounting SOFTWARE programs for years, and haven't used the old ledger system since.