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Politics Junkie
It beats me, paying for superior quality DVD players and TV's to watch inferior DVD's I hear of people who have all the latest "probably unreleased" DVD's sitting by there TV in cheap home printed case's. Ok that's my rant for the evening.
Lindsay Lohan. She's a drunk and a drug addict that is on a collision course with disaster. She's an accident waiting to happen. I'm sick of Lindsay, Paris and Britney and the media that makes them into stars, when they have no talent! They suck! These are the girls that our little girls look up too and want to be like. God help our kids from these losers!!!
Allergenic Dog
Just about everyone claims to see the necessity of "reaching across the aisle." Where are you all?Is the fact that this question only received 6 answers, and I might even add from pretty moderate and liberal people only, proof that they are just empty words. The same empty word we accuse our elected officials of spouting?

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