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The past few weeks my dog has been stuck to me like glue whenever my boyfriend is around. I thought it was jealousy, but her tail will often go down when she is near him. She is a puggle with a curly standup pug tail. He is very nice to her, feeds her for me, lets her outside, and takes her for walks. Last night, we were staying at his house. She was asleep in his daughters room. He said he saw there was pee on the floor next to the bed. He put on the harness and was taking her outside when she full on peed and pooped on the kitchen floor. He tried picking her up, she freaked, her nail cut his tshirt and she peed on him. He is ready to give up on trying to get her to like him. Does she sense that he is not good for me? I am not going to bring her to his house for overnights anymore. The change in schedule seems to disruptive for her.
Hwy Johnny/tornadokidf5
She died in January, and I have dreams of her all the time. Sometimes, she is sitting on the grave, and sometimes she comes back to life in her chair. None of them have been scary (except for the one where she opened her eyes in the coffin) but I wake up, and freak out, and then have trouble sleeping. Then, it feels like she comes into my room a lot lately. I've looked up what the dreams mean, but I don't think why they say pertains to why I'm having these dreams. So, can anyone help?
I have. It is an lcoal band about to hit the national stage with their song I did it all form Core I dedicated the song "I did it all " to all of the QnA ers out there.. yeah the funny thing is that had been to this bands shows and just found out that one of the members is my 3rd cousin funny huh?
Tags: lately
Stroll through any neighborhood with an open laptop in hand and you will probably notice your machine automatically connecting to various wireless Internet routers that local residents have set up. If you are given a connection that allows you to surf the Web, chances are very good that you can also assume control over the same network that gave you the access. Why don't people realize this? Or Care? If I had access to a router with a default password, I could re-direct your traffic to other places and you would not have a clue, such as re-direct your banking with a simple rule. People please change your default passwords, if you need to know how please tell me what type of router you have.