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If yes, what is essential for you to know to meet their needs?
could never be elected.........Wouldn't vote for a republican anyway. Just curious. Thank you.
Specifically I am seeking answers about what it means to be in the "red light district," and how one interacts there. I also wanted to know about how to act in amsterdam and how do you get the things that are legal there.Thanks in advance!
both sides share a culture? There is a mixture of cultures that goes on on the borders. Moreover, there is a mixture of languages. Border Spanish is not the same as Spanish in the interior of Mexico. This is your cultural lesson for the day. Please allow it to open your eyes and minds. Have a good day!
Mac....of Moot And Mac
and where will you start teaching us what you know?............or will you just continue to absorb, start getting moldy and mildewy and stanky?.........Share with us your knowledge and insight in these last few days........Wax phropetically if need be...............Pick a subject...............
Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework, Version 1.1 Service Pack 1 (KB928366)I have tried everything, i am very tech-unknowledgeable...and it was one if high-importance that would not auto install or i try get it to manually install all morning. I have XP...updated some recommended, and custom ones...thank you,TL:)