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Anyone like some homemade chile and beans? Sorry about the tortillas, that was just a little bit to much standing so you have to settle for store bought:)
New cookbooks, published in the UK list ingredients by weight, rather than by measure. I do have a scale-- non issue for me, BUT I wonder if measuring cups are a common baking tool in the UK, or not.:-) I do have other cookbooks (some from the USA) that list ingredients by weight (not the norm)... but it seems that every cookbook that I have with a UK origin lists ingredients by weight???I know that I have some QnA friends from the UK, gtm... so what do you have in your kitchen???
they were usually red and white and you could pull out a metal thing to make bread on
mine is a griddle with removable grill plates...
I have just started watching this season's Hell's Kitchen. I have not watched any of the previous seasons of this show. I know this sounds bad, but maybe because I think he is the complete opposite of me, I think he is very attractive when he goes on his rants. Anyone else think so too? Or am I just really perverted?
I am looking for a very sharp chef knife and want to make sure the knife stays sharp for a long time. Also, I don’t want serrated knives.
For me I must have oregano, garlic, mint, cloves,etc. Give me some you couldn't cook without.
I have almost proven a point to Mr Mission about how much countertop we need vs what he wants to put in and I know I will is just a matter of making it clear to him....