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why is conserving cost by keeping employee salaries, wages and benefits down not necessarily a good idea
I started doing this a week ago and I can already see a difference in my waistline. Basically you just write down everything you eat so you can easily keep track of how many calories you take in. It's great so far...
Do you have any idea of keeping records of your QnA questions & answers or even comments before this site closes down? You know you want to keep some records right? Because some questions and answers are unforgettable. You want to have a memoir of this site or questions and answers... I think I'm going to do 'save page as' for each answers or questions. Do you have any other idea?
i have installed FrostWire BETA on my computer and would like to know whether installing LimeWire Basic (Beta version 4.13.0) too would cause problems with any of these. actually i have read that both these are almost same internally and built over same code base, so i wonder if there could be any problem with registry settings or shared dll files or any other kind of clashes/overwriting etc among them
I don't want people to know where the video file is located (or what its filename is), but I want them to see it... Any way? HTML? PHP? Thanks. :)
I'm getting sick of Yahoo Mail, because I can't use it easily at school. If I get a Live Mail account, can I switch my Passport account to it, while keeping my QnA, Spaces, and Xbox Live Accounts exactly the same?
It says on the OS screen in order.Oh yea im using windows 98.Microsoft Windows"Option I want to boot to automatically"Windows(default)"This option highlighted first"