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i also looked into the scripting boxes to enable things but there's lots of choices. i have internet explorer 7 and am running windows xp. still can't see video even tho i installed newest Flash Player successfully.whadda i do?
It says to use the top tool bar and there is no top toolbar -- now have it synched with pc and still can't figure it out
I've looked at security options for internet explorerI've checked on java and have the correct version on my computerI've heard about changing or disabling my web proxy...what is this and do i do this?
say's "you have your java script turned off or you need latest flash player", ive got that so it must be the java script thanks for your help
Hi, I'm not sure if it is possible or if their is an alternative I am calling a function and passing a PHP variable into it which is the result of an SQL query. I now need to read the variable back in the javascript function. I currently have something a bit like...<?php getBlog($blogTitle) ?>function getBlog(blogTitle){ alert(blogTitle)}I'm currently getting 'undefined' in my alert box.Thanks in advance =]
I recently remembered a website I used to mess around with, about 5-8 years ago, I guess. It had a bunch of black and white buttons ordered like a piano keyboard. Whenever you click on one, the corresponding note and it's length was automatically written in a textbox under the keyboard. I think a middle C whole note would have been wC4 (not sure though). Then you could click a button to add another layer, and doing so would add another keyboard under the first text box. You could layer as many as you wanted, and even set different musical voices for each one. If anyone knows of this website, or can at least agree that it once existed (so I know I'm not tricking myself into remembering it), please help. It would be fun to make my own ringtone with that.