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Tashu is the page for it, but i have been unable to track down a copy. My grandmother saw it on her RAI International channel that she has. So any help would be appreciated.
Just Me
My daughter has one and boy is she hyper. Is there anything to calm them down. Jumps all over me, the furniture and always wants to be held?
The first time I asked for chop sticks in a non-asian restaurant, I was struggling with a fork and a salad and just blurted it out, "Can I have some chop sticks please?" Everyone laughed except my girlfriend who new I used them at home. Am I the only American who thinks that chopsticks should be more universal? I guess most Asians don't want to "rock the boat", but I am a 6'4" American of german ancestry who wants chopsticks at a restaurant without having to carry them around like a prissy girl.
oh and if anyone knows any home made soup recipes please share soup