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Chicago Lady
Apparently this is some sort of military project. Supposedly it was worked on jointly with scientists from Canada and the U.S.?
(1) Truth, as in know your Holy Bible...So many folks claim to be Christians but have no idea what they believe. Study to show thyself approved a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Holy Word of Truth!(2) I'm a pro-life being, strongly against taking the life of an innocent. Anti-abortion issues have been upfront and personal to me.(3) Religions claiming to be peaceable that promote terrorism, killing all that don't follow them, promoting lies, abusing and killing others, promoting violence.(4) Those who promote immorality, dysfunction in society, corruption, lies.(5) there will of course be things I can't recall until after I post this q. LOL OX :)) CE
Air Reyes
I recently made some patch cables using CAT6 cable and CAT5 connectors (heads). I am now having the problem that these patch cables are very sensitive and only sometimes allow for full Gigabit speeds. Has anyone seen this before? Do I really need to upgrade to CAT6 connectors?
A friend is building a new system but has heard rumours of the ~D processor series having probs but i havent found any forums with details or even reports on it
ALSO considering that the 600W UPS will ALWAYS have a constant and reliable source of power. I hope to use it as a voltage regulator (to protect against over and undervoltage) rather than as a backup battery (BBS).
Just moved to fabulous Las Vegas and trying to set up a network here in my new home but I can't get the router to work? Set up a whole new network connection and all three computers work when connected directly to the modem. I need a new router, don't I?
How can I get rid of the two issues that cannot be resolved by Microsoft Onecare. They said that the threat from those issues is high.