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As far as I know only two are identified, names of which I also dont know, I am not jewish, but I believe somewhere between adam and myself there may be a lost tribe or two.
It seems that Lehman Bros., just before filing BK, sent 400 Billion dollars to various banks in Israel including Hapoalim Group, Bank Leumi Group and Discount Bank Group. Lehman is not the only "failing" company doing this, it is reported that many of the top corporate companies, "names not yet revealed" have also done this... It would seem, as if I already did not know, that this "bailout" is nothing but a scam and a fraud, by both Wall Street and Congress, namely "Democrats" who pushed for this lie... And we, the American taxpayer are being raped and will pay for this...
$798 million; Jordan $688 million; Kenya $586 million; Sough Africa $574 million and needy Americans $0.00. I read this in the morning paper.
Yes, most pray for Israel and most support her in mind but is there more? What do you do?
Angelo in a poll of 817 Americans who cast their absentee ballots here this week – 76 percent said they voted for Sen. John McCain and 24 percent said they voted for Sen. Barack Obama.