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Sheriff Billy Goat
It's perfect. All you need to do is make it work with the motion detector and BAM! You've got yourself a classic nostalgic computer game that's tons of fun! Please someone make it, there IS a demand. I myself would play it all the freaking time. Please someone make it, oh and make it free.
these are the pros and cons according to CNET Reviews (and i think there right in the money)Good:-3rd party (widgets)-wi-fi netowrking-its an ipod (music etc.)-touch screen; interface-its PRETTYBad:-no 3G-small space-2 year contract when buying-cannot replace battery-4GB-$600, 8GB-$800i think the bad REALLY outweighs the good and i hate apple (as you all know), thus leading me to the conclusion that the iPhone is a piece of crap. but, im interested in what you have to say.
The Oracle
a while until all the bugs were out? ...or maybe "you just gotta' have it...bugs or not?Anybody out there bought one?..How is it..really?
How much did you have to pay and is the monthly service for all the extras worth it?