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Doctor Woot
I have I think will be the saddest duty I have ever performed. My sisters' daughter is crack head. My sister and her husband both drunks. What I do or will do will tear what is left of my family apart
This is my childrens cousin.We buried him today.
Tell me how it's going or how well it went. Lol
?jesus ?_?
It gets tense, and I feel nervousness, how do you feel?
Carol Lynn
i had 2 close time, i told this girl i hated to stop cheating on me, she hit me, and i was about to hit her back but the teacher pulled my arm away before it could hit her. so i cursed her out. she got suspended for 3 days. i got in school suspension for 1 day.and then another incident a few years later, happened where a girl wouldnt stop harassing me so i shoved her. we fought and the rest of the girls in gym class, pulled us apart....and the fight stopped right before the gym teacher showed up. so she never found out about it, and we got away with it.did you ever have any kind of fight in school? verbal, physical, anything????? did you ever have any kind of punishment? care to share the story?
Yes, I got out easy on this one.. it's about time! I've added the white distilled vinegar, sugar, salt/pepper, mayo. Anything else that you think that I need to give it that North Carolina flavor? I'm taking it along with some desserts, and I want to give it my Southern touch. After all, they are expecting me to do so, since this is going to be a roasted pig pickin. I've got the slaw in my frig! Any ideas, or did I do well. I have no fennel seeds, or celery seeds. Cole slaw is the simplest thing I've ever been asked to bring. Sheesh, I got off easy this time! Please advise! I apppreciate any suggestions, thanks! =)
Bud 28
Doe's Geithner have some more financial buddies to bail out? Will the world gang of twenty now be willing to recognize this as a problem?