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... I am a type of person that is opened minded to almost anything and I even have been invited to certain churches out of kindness and curiosity.. I have been to a few and did not like the way it has been held even the teachings itself.. have you ever been invited to attend church and not like it?..
Thekevin want to go as her in this dress cause id get to dance with david and i related to her even when i was younger but even more so now go on let your imaginations have free reign
My husband's mother has wanted to meet the grandchild. I cannot go if my daughter and her son are not invited. Would you?
International Summer Olympics beginning on August 08, 2008, at the exact atomic-clocktime-space set for the eighth hour, the eighth minute, and the eighth second of that Friday morning, as part of a metaphysical entrapment for a supremacy-role in the New World Order dominion-race for the Solar System's Crown ?