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I am a young independent woman who would like to start investing and would like to know companies or industries I can put my money in and make a little bit of profit without losing too much money at the same time. I also want to start with $500.
I would obviously want to put my money in a "sexy" Technology that ideally is becoming or at least chance of becoming Industry Standard ..Any [email protected]
The computer is really a fossil but it works great for a P3. The keyboard and mouse really didn't survive the move too well so I'm going to replace them. The kids really use it more than me since I use my laptop more. Is it worth it to get the wireless combo or just get something cheap until I replace the whole system.
I filed a felony check fraud report with Chula Vista (where I live) P.D., fraudulent checks were written to stores in El Cajon. They are passing the buck, all of them. Need Police Dept oversight committer phone number
Kid Jambo
money for the purpose of building weapons of mass destruction against us?
Within a 12 to 24 month time span what can I invest in to double maybe even triple $10,000?