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Mr. Avid BriceƱo
Trying to convert spare laptop and desktop HD's into external HD's for home and work.
I've been looking at the Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 750 GB hard drive and would like to know if there are any better Ultra ATA hard drives out there to consider.
For some reason it appears that I am the only person on earth that can: Simulate real to life events in 3d/2d as if they were real including realistic physics models(Ei. drive my car in memory) Emulate a working visual(note: raw math performance is comparable other people) copy of any computer software/website faster than a computer(that I have used recently including the Windows operating system) in human memory(works great for troubleshooting peoples computers and diagnosing problems on the phone without a computer because then where the problem does not meet the expectations of my models I can then find the problem with applied knowledge of expected values or output responses)Generate a limited relational database of catalogued memories(Ei phone numbers, names, locations, images, video, sounds and then perform search and comparison queries help me remember something(locate missing data)Surely I am not the only one, what mental process grants me this ability?
I've an xml file with different users and privileges, and depending of which user log into my application I've to call different internal java functions. So i need to know how to do it? something like Runtime.getRuntime.exec("dir"). But for internal functions.

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