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doctors/scientist cooperated in an experiment about death. There was a platform that was built and put on weighing scales. A patient that was dying was placed on the platform, bed and all. The medical personnel were also on the platform along with any supplies needed. No one and no thing was allowed to be added or taken away from the platform. The weight stayed the same. But, when the patient died, the weight went down. Not a lot. but enough to measure. This experiment was repeated again and again with the same results. death caused a loss in weight. It was close to the same amount each time. I wish I could remember the amount, but I would probably get it wrong. I am sure it was well under 10 pounds. But what do you think left the platform when the patient died?the people dying were old old people who had a 'do not resuscitate' order in their charts. They were treated with dignity.
The Oracle
talk about a real 'mensch'.....His name is Paul Rausch (sp?)...he is a professor at Carnegie-Mellon University...he is dying......has pancreatic cancer and about 12 tumors all over his body....He has a very limited time to live. What a remarkable human being....He is giving series of lectures...something along the lines of "If you knew this would be your very last lecture, what would you talk about?"...and he goes on to discuss how we- those who will be left behind- should live....Truly remarkable, and talk about guts......He leaves behind a wife and three young children....I'm just wondering if you saw it (twas' on Oprah Winfrey, along with Dr. Mehmet Oz- another remarkable and great human being)....and what you thought?....Would that it be we could all think like this..
I'm just asking this as a curious history geek.
and also, why is February 30,11BC an interesting day?
My favorite was "Grapes of Wrath" because, even though it was fiction, it was based on the reality of a struggling culture in America.
Goodbye, Cruel World
I'll tell you one. We were invited to dinner by a Taiwanese family. They served a huge and delicious meal. I complemented our hosts on the Jasmine tea.In a culturally appropriate response, our host brought out the service for the traditional tea ceremony and tea that cost $250/pound. (He didn't have the really good stuff at $500/pound.)At that price, we felt obliged to drink every dropped made. I think I drank as much tea in that night as I had consumed in the previous 10 years!
When we moved from the north east to the south we discovered that no one called Lunch, Lunch. But rather everyone called it dinner, and supper (meal served in the evening). In the north, its called lunch and dinner.
They are becoming a bore now but hubby loves them plain and simple.I want to improve on them a bit, without them becoming too hot on the tastebuds
All the Myspace and YouTube clones are boring me!
Well now, here is an interesting site by Microsoft. Has anyone used this new tool? Looks like it might be easy and allow creative stuff without writing codes. I haven't tried using the program yet, but I think I will. I usually like to ask you all first about stuff like this. So if you haven't here is the address if you want ... Take a look around it is probably more than I am seeing, and you might have some thoughts about it after you check it out....thanks