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Two men: Equally intelligent...the only difference is one of them is extremely macho... does it make the macho man appear to be a bit less intelligent?Um, funtering... nothing nasty!
Hey, I am not just joking.... its true !!!Now, a robot crawler will not only look for your search queries into web, but may be... it would laugh at you for your spelling mistakes & crazy queries.Try it : future of web begins from here !!! Feel the adventure while searching something through it. Its just like asking questions to another human who has a smart brain. Currently, its in the 'Alpha' period. So, you wouldn't be satisfied but you can wait for its full release.Let's enjoy & post your opinion....
ok so on my other pc the Background intelligence transfer service (BITS) wont start the most the system log can tell me is it could not start. so does anyone have any ideas as to what i could do to get it working again without having to reinstall the operating system