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I hit a parked car with a moving truck and had no insurance at that time ( it was invoked ). I got a call today and I am asked to pay $4,500. I can't pay that much, what should I do?
Al rite im turning 17 soon and have to get a car. Im a really big fan of the mazda rx8 but my parents are saying its a sports car and considering my other circumstance being a male and 17 my insurance just naturally is going to already be high. But would a insurance company consider this a sports car. For it only has 190hp its 4 doors with 4 seats and is automatic. So were does the sports car factor come in?????? Please help
im gettin my son a mustang v6 not the v8 so is it not considered a sports car some people tell me yea some say no so could somebody clear this up for me
I have a huge crack in my windshield and I want to get a new one. Will car insurance pay for this?
Insurance Claims Adjuster Degree or Insurance Underwriter DegreeWhere can I go for training?