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I've got Windows XP and I've played movies before and have no idea why it won't work now.
A prompt appears every time I turn my computer on asking if I'm ready to install Microsoft Office. As far as I know, all the programs are installed. How can I be sure? I usually hit "remind me later" because I'm not sure if I am missing something.
I went to install the santa e-card thing and now i can't remove it!! It opens everytime i turn on my computer. Anyone knows how to remove the irritating program?? Pls help!!
Chuck Jones
I have second hand computers with windows xp pro and do not have the original boot discs. Can I create a reboot disc from my second computor and use it on the first?
i have installed FrostWire BETA on my computer and would like to know whether installing LimeWire Basic (Beta version 4.13.0) too would cause problems with any of these. actually i have read that both these are almost same internally and built over same code base, so i wonder if there could be any problem with registry settings or shared dll files or any other kind of clashes/overwriting etc among them