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I have roxio software on my laptop but I can't seem to find anyplace where it lets you put in chapters so you have to watch the whole movie or put it on pause, can't just start it where you want.
Still having trouble getting from FLV converter to Nero DVD burner. It works on Windows Movie files?
Problem started after I had added the XP Service Pack 3 CD-ROM drive works but not the DVD driveHave already tried to solve problem by updating DVD driver
Rocky Layno
I have two tables, item and item type. item is the child of item type. i want to make sure items in the item table are the same values in item type table. please help.
When I plug in either it will lock my pc up and I have to restart it. It does not matter what brand the jump drive is.
I have to insert a new record in a fiels called customer_last_name. The name is O'Hara - the text contains a single ' which causes error. I need a code that permitts me insert that record
On my ipod, it says to look on andI looked andarched but couldn't find it. Maybeone of you smart people can help me out because I am SO losing my mind!!!!!
I swear Im not lying about this... I leaglly own a copy of the Sims 2 version 1.0... the other day I let my cuz borrow it...HE LOST IT!!! So I borrowed my neighbors and duplicated it so I can play my game, but it gives me a dumb error msg about this is the wrong cd... So whats the name of the Sims 2 CD?Or does anyone know about a good "No CD Crack" for the Sims 2 version 1.0?