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My cat had trauma to his tail, and now has lost all function of his tail. Luckily there was no other neurological damage to him other than his tail being limp. I took him to the vet, but the vet does not know if there will be any recovery or not, since nerves grow very slowly. He has highs and lows (mostly lows) I am trying to give him as much attention and love as possible, but he is still down in the dumps. Does anyone have any ideas on how to cheer him up?
One kitten was sleeping in my radiator fan housing yesterday at 12:00 noon. i heard the belt squeal,thought ikilled another one, but after a few hours he woke up with a bad headache,and bloodynose.So about 2:30 get in the truck and this time ,this cat was stuck. I WAS so pist. what are the chances!this one was in there andlimp. the 1 st one rolled out and was on the ground. I called animal services and they said if its dead its not an emergency, so for 20 bucks well get him tomorrow.WTF?anyways this morning they showed up,i showed them the truck and where it was hanging there, ten minutes later i kid you not that cat wokeup fell out of the rad housing,and was breathing!my other cat is gonna make it, but if they made him wait for a long time, that would be wrong regardless if she gave me the twenty bucks back. not even a joke
How much is reasonable to expect for injuries to the wrist and hip with doc bills over $11,000?