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Need it to get out of Eco. in Night school
but no info.To describe it would be futile. About 3 inches long and an inch or so wide, lots of legs that look like they would move the creature in the water... maybe 8-10 on each side, and a couple of "feelers" on the front that look like they'd be from a tiny mastodon (but of course it is not).
Mark The Shark
I found some mushrooms which appear to be amanita muscaria var. formose, and i would like to eat them, so if anyone knows from expeierence or in general how to cook them and make them edible let me know.
I am writing about monetary funding for drug rehabs for school. I picked the topic because there are plenty of addicts but not funding to help them. I want to write a paper that will persuade readers to agree with me by using current reliable information.
The Dark Falcon
what brands of dog food ie eukunuba dry low fibre content